Hammertime 2014 raised the roof - Thank you!

What a fantastic Hammertime!  2014 was a virtual sell-out and the hall was filled with enthusiastic supporters from Bayfield and the community.

Strong bidding fortified by plentiful drink and food meant we had another incredibly successful event.

Thank you to all those who contributed, attended, organised and bid. 

Remember to check into the office to see if your silent bid was successful and pick up your item.  Keep an eye out later in the week for a list of all those businesses and individuals who donated the incredible range of products and services that were so hotly contested on Friday night.  Please show your support of them as they have so generously supported Bayfield.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone involved.  Hammertime unites the community in a fun and meaningful way and this year’s event means our children will have the grounds and playground they deserve, thanks to your efforts.  Building a Better Bayfield is truly on track.

A big thanks to our sponsors: Giltrap Prestige, Kellands Real Estate and Daniel Le Brun